Presentation Guidelines

Since we need to move quickly from one presentation to the next, please plan on using the Windows laptop that will be connected to the projector in your room. Bring your presentation on a USB drive in either a PowerPoint or PDF format. Please be at your session room 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. This will allow time to meet the session chair and other speakers, discuss session procedures, and preload all of the electronic presentations onto the computer in the session room.

Technical sessions last for 90 minutes. Most technical sessions have five papers presented during that time, but some have four or six papers presented in the same 90 minute time frame. During the time allotted for your paper, you will present your research and leave three minutes for questions and the transition to the next paper. The table below shows how much time is allotted for the presentation of your paper depending on how many papers will be presented in your session.

Papers per session

Four Papers

Five papers

Six Papers

Maximum time for presentation

19 minutes

15 minutes

12 minutes

Minimum time for questions and transition

3 minutes

3 minutes

3 minutes